Eleven Things to Learn from Eleven

On October 27th, at precisely two o’clock in the morning, I started watching Stranger Things 2. I had to, I’m completely obsessed with those kids; mainly Eleven. Who doesn’t relate to Eleven in some way shape or form? While she doesn’t talk much, and she’s got psychokinetic powers, Eleven is a pretty well-rounded and relatable character. I won’t spoil season 2 of Stranger Things (because you should seriously watch it! It might even be better than season 1!), but I will talk about eleven things that can be learned from Eleven.

1. Speak your mind: When she does speak Eleven is straightforward, doesn’t sugarcoat anything for anyone, and is honest to a fault. Just like we should all be; don’t blatantly tell your friend she looks horrible in those jeans, instead, steer her towards that cute dress you saw on the way into the clothing store.

2. Yes, you can face your fears: Eleven can go up against some crazy monsters, even when she’s scared to; but she will defeat anything that gets in her way or threatens those that she loves. So that big test you’re afraid of failing? Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

3. Making friends isn’t easy: While Mike is quick to accept Eleven for who she is, Lucas and Dustin (mainly Lucas) aren’t all that accepting. Which is okay, not everyone will like who you are; what matters is that you like who you are.

4. But once you have them, love them to death: The friendships in Stranger Things, is what makes Stranger Things, Stranger Things. These five friends would do anything to protect each other, because they love each other. Give your friend the spare pad or tampon in your purse because she just got her period in public unexpectedly. You’re protecting her from stains, and love her enough to buy her a chocolate bar afterwards.

5. We’re all a little mad here: The shows called Stranger Things, no one is “normal” but yet everyone relates to someone on the show. Maybe “normal” doesn’t exist, but I know I’d take psychokinetic powers over being “normal” any day.

6. The beauty of adventure: These kids go everywhere on bikes, and they have some crazy creative minds. Tap into your inner child (we all have one), and hop in the car with some friends without a set destination in mind and see where you end up.

7. Eat all the things: Eleven lives off of candy, leftovers, fries, and Eggo waffles. She eats what she wants, and when she wants. Grab your besties and make ice cream sundaes; or you can drink the chocolate sauce straight from the bottle and get to the ice cream later, it still counts as a sundae.

8. Ladies can make the first move: I love Eleven, but I also love Eleven with Mike. She’s not afraid to show that she has feelings for Mike, and women shouldn’t feel like they can’t make the first move.

9. Dress however you want: A shaved head, boys clothes, and dresses. Eleven wears whatever she wants, and you should too.

10. Support what you care about: Fight for what you believe in and what you believe is right.

11. And who you care about: Eleven saves the day countless times in season 1, and continues to do so in season 2. She doesn’t mess around.