Right in the Christmas-feels

Written By: Amber Brand

I don’t know where my love for the big X-mas comes from. Both my parents didn’t do much during the holidays when I was little. Of course we had a Christmas tree and exchanged some presents. But that’s about it. But the second I moved out I got the chance to be my love extra self at Christmas time. It did not bother me one bit that my tree took up 80% of my dorm-room. And I could even hit Mariah’s high notes in August. And now that me and le boyfriend live together in our cosy home I can go all out.

I think it is something in the air, but as soon as November the 1st hits the calendar there is no stopping me. I already start thinking about the Christmas menu, where I will put the tree and how I can expand my ginormous collection of decoration. I always go for multi-colour with a funny twist. Today I bought a blue dinosaur bauble and I am as happy as a kid with a life-supply of chicken nuggets. And don’t let anyone tell you there is anything like too much glitter. They are lying. Period.

It’s something about Christmas that puts me in a good mood. And even though my hubster still can’t appreciate my Bieber Christmas Jingles 24-7, he loves how I make it up to him under some good old-fashioned mistletoe. But did you know my holiday spirit isn’t just based on my cheerful personality (cough)? There is a scientific reason for it:

The time around Christmas makes people think about their youth and how safe and loved they felt during the holidays. Stuffing the turkey with aunt Trudy, grandpa with just too much mulled wine and almost getting high from excitement when looking at all the presents under the tree. Research also says that people who start decoration their house early are way more social than anyone who waits until the second week of December.

So excuse me my deer (pun intended), I’m about to put up my tree in November and love every second of it. And if you need me I will probably be covered in glitter, fairy lights and little piggy baubles with tiny tutus. Because I’m just that extra..