A Change of Scenery

I’ll admit this right away: I am a DIE HARD Gossip Girl fan. I live for the pettiness, the drama, the cute boys and OF COURSE the flawless fashion display.

So, naturally, I recently finished the show for about the sixth time. Maybe the eighth. I’m trying not to count because I actually want to continue to love and respect myself.

Anyway, after I finished it, I had a choice. Either start that baby over from Season 1 OR I could branch out and watch another show. The idea of the latter made me cringe. There are so many shitty shows out there, how the hell was I supposed to pick the right one?

So obviously I picked one that felt familiar and safe. Set in New York? Check. Beautiful people? Check. Fabulous fashion? Check.

I began watching Sex and the City.


For people who haven’t actually seen the show, it just follows this sex columnist (who knew that could be a job?!) named Carrie and her fabulous friends through ups and downs in relationships and, in general, their shitty NYC lives.

There are four women that this show revolves around. Carrie, Charlotte (a demure, buttoned-up pain in the ass), Samantha (a sexually explicit train wreck) and Miranda (a cynical and stubborn Negative Nancy, generally considered to be the beeyotch of the group).

I am far from finishing the show, but I just felt like I should share some of the things that I’m learning from these characters, characters that are (sorry, Serena van der Woodsen!) refreshingly realistic.

    1. Carrie: Carrie is teaching me that it is okay to be obsessed with shoes. It is also okay to write about something that might otherwise be taboo, and it is actually kind of important to do so.

    2. Charlotte: Charlotte is teaching me what NOT to be: clueless, judgmental, and unsupportive of my friends and their personal relationships. Also, I want someone to put me out of my misery if I EVER focus as much as Charlotte does on finding a husband. Holy cow.

    3. Samantha: Samantha is showing me that it is possible to be a powerful woman, despite what happens (or doesn’t happen) in my personal or private life. It is possible to know exactly what you want, and that you should never be afraid to go for it wholeheartedly.

    4. Miranda: Lastly, Miranda is teaching me that sometimes, you have to let go of negativity in order to get on with your life. Sometimes we get into ruts, and the only way out of them is to keep pushing yourself.

So anyway, there will always be a special place in my heart for my Gossip Girl pals over on the Upper East Side, but right now, the Sex and the City women are teaching me their ways. And I’m learning.

More than I thought I would.