Post Turkey Day Detox

Written By: Gabi Torres

Has it happened to you that you over indulge during the holidays, and your first thought the next day is: OMG, I NEED TO DETOX! Since the moment you wake up, you proceed to juice the whole weekend long, and even to do some fasting... Isn't this the logic thing to do after you were bad? 

Oh well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, and tell you that all that "detox" theory is BS! Even if you have never been victim of an eating disorder, you might be going into a dark path. Our bodies do need food every day, and we do deserve to be nourished every day. Balance will always be the key to a healthy living. 

I'm not saying in here that if you eat the whole turkey, and half a pie, you should go out of control and do it over and over again - because, let's be honest, binging is not ideal either - I'm saying that if you over enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner, you don't need to punish yourself, or to do "self-bullying". Most of the times, we're too hard on ourselves, and tend to make simple situations worst. 

If you're feeling a little extra fluffy these days there's not a problem! You can now go back on track, and allow your body to naturally "flush". 

Take it one day at a time, and celebrate every single win. Did you make it through the day without having negative thoughts? That's a win! Did you go for lunch with your coworkers and didn't feel bad for choosing carbs? That's a win!. You can now wear your jeans again? That's a win!

I'm here to remind you that you're not a number, you're not defined by a size, and that "you are what you eat" culture is crap! Yes, you gotta make healthy choices - No, having cellulite, eating carbs, or being a size large doesn't make you gross! - The only things that matter are what's in your heart, your spirit, and your determination to move forward in life. 

Today, let's detox of negativity, let's detox of harsh criticism, let's detox of toxic relationships, let's cut out all those things that are holding us back! 

What about if we start making a list of "new years resolutions" and have: Being happy, as the first thing in our list? - We can start making this happy, right now! 

With soooo much love, and 3lbs+ after Thansgivng,