Next Exit, Comfort Zone

You know what’s hard! Getting out of your comfort zone! And not just that, but getting out of your comfort zone to become a better version of yourself. I’m also NOT talking about trying a new lip color, or starting a diet. I am talking about REEEEAAAAALLLLYYY doing something so different it straight up makes you uncomfortable. Let’s say being kind to the jerk in the office that no one can stand. Or how about asking your mother in law out to lunch, just because? Live a little folks! Expand your horizon, make your character, your persona more complete by trying something you would never normally do.

Before you decide to take this on, please take one thing into consideration...make sure it’s for you. Make sure it is going to be beneficial. If you run around life trying new stuff to make others happy, you will never reach the feeling that I am talking about; the feeling of wholesomeness. Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm, really pushes for individuals to get up, and try on new things. So cliche right? I gave you the rated g version. He speaks directly to your soul, he sees past your bullshit and tells you to get the F*** out of your pity party and take life by the f***ing horns! How would have humanity ever evolved if we didn’t take on tasks that require some massive balls!? You think you can kill your own dinner before it kills you?

This society has gotten soft. Too soft. Baby Johnson’s soft. Life is not that complicated people! Rub some dirt on old wounds and don’t let it define you! Be kind to those who have treated you like shit. Be strong when a rainy day turns into Katrina. Your job getting hectic? Think, the work load wouldn’t be on your desk if you weren’t such a bad ass! We all start with baby steps. Today, I challenge you to do something completely out of your comfort zone. Thank me later.