The moment you realize you’re an addict

It is time to get real with all of you. I have been in denial for many years but after a not so subtle intervention by le boyfriend I can’t deny it any longer. I am one of the many people around the world that are addicted to their phone. I always thought that I wouldn’t mind if I left my cell-companion at home while I’m already on my way to work. And that I couldn’t care less if my battery died at the middle of the day when I’m a hundred miles away from a charger. But boy was I wrong. Last week I thought I lost my phone (it was literally in my coat pocket, but that’s a problem I’ll deal with later). And believe when I say that I’m not overreacting. But I completely lost it.

I went full cold turkey in less than an hour. A few of my symptoms were panic attacks, heavy sweating, running around like a headless chicken (nephew of the cold turkey to keep things in the family) and for some reason I instantly expanded my vocabulary with a variety of curse-words. So after I found my phone and forgiving myself for freaking the shiz out I started thinking about why I can’t spend one day without my phone.

Didn’t have to think long though. It is definitely YouTube FOMO (fear of missing out). Sure, my phone is also my planner, emergency contact list, television and radio.  But the most important thing that I use that addictive device for is watching YouTube videos. My friends and me follow the same vloggers and most of our convo’s are about what shoes vlogger X bought and how vlogger Y ate her French fries. Couldn’t be more superficial, I know. But I do love my guilty pleasure girlfriends. But no more! Or at least a little less. I decided to avoid my phone during work hours and to put my electronic-BFF away an hour before I go to sleep.

So now I have time for another obsession and I have already read three books since my phone-detox. The books were of course recommended by one of my vlog-icons. But we already came to the conclusion that the whole cold turkey situation is not for me. So a chapter a day keeps the doctor away but 30 minutes of watching a stranger decorating her Christmas tree also never killed a woman.