These Christmas Movie Tropes Have Got to Go

Written By: Kimberly Davis

I live for Christmas movies, especially the 25 days of Christmas on Freeform. What I don’t like about Christmas movies? The odd female trope that all we do during holidays is work all day, or look for love. Made for tv Christmas movies evoke warm and fuzzy feelings, but it’s time they stepped outside the box and started avoiding these tropes.

The Workaholic Scrooge Trope

For some reason, women who put their careers first on made-for-tv movies are viewed worse than Ebenezer Scrooge. These characters are often the ones who make everyone stay late on Christmas Eve, or the ones who care more about a deadline than spending time with family for the holidays. Think ABC Family’s Santa Baby, when her high profile and demanding job keeps her from seeing Santa Claus (who just so happens to be her dad).

No, not all women want a man for Christmas

This one speaks for itself. ABC Family’s 12 Dates of Christmas traps it’s main character into reliving Christmas Eve, unless she can find a man to fall in love with her. Women don’t need a significant other (male or female) for the holidays. We can still celebrate without one.


The Christmas Makeover

ABC Family’s Holiday in Handcuffs main female character has curly, unruly hair in the beginning and a “horrible” fashion sense in the beginning of the movie. Towards the end? Straight hair, pretty sweaters, and a man. Moral of the story: if he can’t accept you with unruly hair, ugly sweats, and a shirt with stains you don’t even remember, he’s probably not worth your time.