Art Basel Miami is the biggest art event of the year, I would say in the east coast. Imagine a fair where you can find beautiful creations from all over the world. My absolute favorite was The Art of Beauty, by SMV's head photographer Karlo Gomez. 

Just to give you an idea, you would enter to a nice open space where you would see 12 huge canvases, that celebrate women's beauty. I was personally inspired, even in tears when I got immersed in the stories from what the images had to say. Did I mention already the great music, and complimentary drinks? (It was literally perfection).

I had the opportunity to have a minute with Karlo, and know more about his inspiration. Check what he has to say about it:

- What's the inspiration behind "The Art of Beauty"?

That’s easy, celebrating real beauty, diverse beauty, the beauty that is found all around us, that is the woman reading this or the woman who bumps my shoulder as she walks into a coffee shop for her daily kick. I see beauty as it was intended, as Art….Hence the Art of Beauty….But hey i won’t take credit for the name that was my colleague Briana Fuentes, from A Complete Beauty - she masterminded that name, i just believe in it 100%.

- As a seasoned photographer, what would you like to say to women who are shy to do photoshoots?

Ladies, think of a photoshoot like your first tattoo, at first it’s so nerve wrecking and you think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t, but once you see the the beautiful art piece etched into your skin you start to remember why you decided to get it in the first place, it’s a symbol of your journey in life, a representation of something so monumental it deserved to be ingrained into your body, woven like the thread of nature. To me a photograph is the same, it’s a tattoo of your journey in life but in one special photograph, and it is up to the photographer to capture that very essence of your beauty, flaws and all, because like a tattoo you had to go through something special before that tattoo in order to truly appreciate that art on your etched onto your body, except this time the body of Art happens to be you captured frozen into a photograph, because each woman truly is a masterpiece let the artist develop your negative into a positive. Always remember shyness is just the excitement exiting your body, it is the exact same feeling as being nervous, the only thing that changes is the way you look at it. SO don’t be nervous be Excited!

-What was your favorite part of planning for an Art Basel event?

Oh man! my favorite part was the adrenaline of uncertainty, that always gets me…I love for that.

As a woman, I'm honored to be a part of this magazine, and blessed with the opportunity to share my articles with SMV's community - All I have to say today is: CHEERS to this first event, and to all the steps towards celebrating women's beauty in all it's forms & shapes! 

With love,