When you’re done with the #instahorsepoop

Written By: Amber Brand

Bright white beaches, the clearest water you’ve ever seen and an abnormally gorgeous girl with a hairdo most of us spend an entire day at the hairdresser’s to get. But this stunner just ‘woke up like this’. At least that’s what she mentions under her latest post while eating avocado toast (rhyming skills on fleek). And there you are. At the other side of the screen. In your saggy pyjama bottoms and your boyfriend’s sweater. And that stain the size of Venus might be ketchup, and if not, nobody know what is actually is. Sadly comparing your tiny little belly roll with that rock-hard tummy on your timeline. And even though you know you should love yourself for who you are and most insta-girls spend hours photo shopping their pics, you start to feel self-conscious.

Scrolling through your social accounts should be fun and sometimes even relaxing after a long day. But as soon as you start comparing your life to others and start feeling like you’re less than them, it is time for a change. I mean the grass is always greener at the other side. But you should be grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished. You probably have a decent job that earns enough money, have a room over your head and I bet you look gorgeous. Yes you! In those saggy PJ-bottoms and that ketchup stain really compliments your eyes. I’ve decided to delete the Instagram accounts that made me feel jealous, insecure or gave me the feeling that I have not accomplished enough.

It’s been two weeks now and I really can say that is had made some changes in my life. For some reasons I’ve been enjoying the little things a lot more. For instance getting out of bed early and walking my pupper in the rain. Normally I would compare myself with influencer X who spent her morning sipping out of a coconut in the Bahamas. But not anymore! I took a long hot shower after and spend the entire day under a blanket on the couch. Watching an endless list of Christmas movies I’ve seen probably a hundred times before. Eating one too many chocolates and sipping from a giant glass of whine. It may not be Insta-worthy but boy did I love my life at that moment. #LIFEGOALS #noshameinmychocolategame #thestainactuallywasketchup