Boys, Boys, Boys

Your value does not come from a relationship. With holidays coming up, all of us single people (myself included), are going to be subjected to saccharinely sweet Instagrams of couples ice skating, your bestie stressing over the perfect gift she’s going to get her significant other, and that dreaded question from all of your relatives: “So, are you seeing anyone” *insert eyeroll*. It’s easy to get down in your singledom during the holidays (or anytime), but it’s actually pretty cool to be single especially during the best time of the year. So before your stress over being single snowballs, here's a couple reasons it’s awesome to be single.

1. You don’t have to stress over trying to impress a significant other’s family. You want to eat that second slice of pie at Thanksgiving? You go ahead; you don’t even have to use a fork this time around just use your bare hands.

2. There’s no one around to complain about your holiday decorations. Use all the tinsel and ribbons you want! Make it look like Santa’s workshop in your house, but keep the tinsel away from your puppies and kittens; tinsel can cause stomach problems for them and intestinal damage.  

3. Clog the DVR with all your Christmas flicks and drink all the eggnog you want, no one will give you dirty looks.

4. Remember that bestie stressing over the perfect gift for her significant other? You can stress over the perfect gift to get yourself instead; you deserve it.

5. It’s family time! And now you don’t have to split your time with anyone else's family.

It’s not the end of the world to be single, during the holiday or any other time. Being single is the best time to focus on yourself, and the things you want. When a relative asks about your love life (or lack thereof) redirect their attention to that big promotion you just got, your fabulous grades this semester, or the new volunteer job you just started. You exist outside of a relationship, and having one (or not having one) shouldn’t measure your importance; you’re awesome on your own.