You're getting closer to 30... when are you having kids?

Written By: Gabi Torres

I'm currently visiting my country, where it seems to be a rule to be married before 25, and to have at least one kid before 30. For someone like me, it's a torture to be surrounded by family members who don't stop asking me about this matter. Their judgy eyes open up a little bit more when I say that I don't want to have kids, or that I'll have them after I'm 40! 

It took me a minute to realize that most of my girlfriends couldn't go out because they have babies, or their husbands just "don't let them go out". They are ok with it, and if by any luck one of them came out to have a drink or to have lunch, it was an endless conversation about kids, and married life.

Am I right being 27, seeking professional development, wanting to wake up Sunday at 11am, workout, have mimosas and carelessly watch Netflix with my man for the rest of the day? Or am I just an immature adult who's avoiding her "life duty"?... well, according to some of my relatives, the second one! 

Trust me, it's been SOMETHING to be around family these days. I'm feeling overwhelmed (I bet you can notice it already) If any of you, my beloved  are going through something similar... I got some affirmations to remember when you're about to have a mental breakdown:

- Your life, your rules: there's no prescription to a perfect life. You might have friends who are loving their 400 kids life, and that's awesome. The quality of their decisions will not affect yours. Be proud of where you're standing, and don't doubt of your capabilities of being on the right path.

- Being a mom, is not a woman's life duty: I believe some women are born with an intricate mom spirit, some others are not... and you know what? Both women rock, and are equality valuable! 

- It's impossible to have a dialogue with a closed minded individual: if you find yourself in the middle of your grandma's living room, being bombarded by unsolicited life advices... try to take a deep breath! No matter how many times you explain your point of view, they will try to convince you otherwise. Remember you see this group of people once or twice a year, and starting a war during the holidays *may* not be worth it.

Am I the only one going trough this situation? I don't think so! I do hope you can relate, and this little article help you have some more enjoyable holidays. 


With all my love,