Single Ready to Mingle!

Showin’ up single at a family function...again? How about the holiday party that's asking you to RSVP… Party of 1 is so much more fun! Don't let the love prancing around with Christmas spirit get you down! There is no rule about having to have a significant other during the holiday season. If anything, you are able to enjoy the freedom that comes with showing up to any function you wish! For example, no awkward moments sitting at the in laws house with only one thought in mind: what time are we leaving?” Or having to buy all those gifts for the boyfriend's family when you aren't even sure they like you or not but you buy shit anyways to save face?

Let me tell you a few ways on how to handle the “you’re still single!?” question:

  1. Dress to Kill! Be the Kim K of any and every function! Put some extra effort with the eye lashes, pull out the faux fur and leather leggings and pretend the paparazzi is following you at all times. Show that the singleton glow can be just as bright because you are in a loving relationship with yourself.

  2. Give it more thought...connect with friends or family you haven't reached out to. Think about what you do have and focus less on what you don't have. When buying presents, be more thoughtful. Personalize the gifts and really show how much they mean to you.

  3. Play it up! Smile, wink, laugh sexy, do what you want when you're at a function. You never know who else is single at the party and just want to have a good time JUST LIKE YOU! So next time you see a target,give ‘em your “come to me” stare and execute your plan. Go get ‘em tiger!