No New Year's Eve Plans? No Problem

New Year’s Eve planning can be stressful, but there’s an extra level of stress for people who are single and “alone”, or people who just aren’t into the party scene. Well I’m here to tell you that this extra level is totally unnecessary. No you don’t have to put on a glittery tight outfit if you don’t want to, and no you don’t have to get drunk with a bunch of strangers and kiss someone you barely know at midnight (again if you don’t want to). You can have a perfectly fun, kiss free, single, and not so alone New Year’s Eve in your pajamas at home! And I’m going to tell you how: with your best friends of course!

Here are a couple of ideas on how to have a stress free, safe, and totally cool New Year’s Eve!

Scrapbook 2017

Print out all of your best selfies together, any movie tickets you still have lying around, receipts, or anything else that can describe your friendship for 2017! It’s something you can cherish forever, and it lets you tap into your creative side.

Have a DIY dance party

Make a playlist of all of your favorite songs from middle school up until now and just dance until midnight! Just don’t stop dancing and feel the waves of nostalgia.

Prepare a feast

Think of something you’ve always wanted to cook, but just never had the time or energy to and tackle it. You can also check out Instagram for inspiration. Or order a bunch of tasty food!

Bake off

See who can make the most instagrammable dessert. And then eat it (obviously, dessert is the best part).

Take a girls trip

Get out of town together! Nothing’s better than a girls trip. Book a hotel in a new area, and go exploring together.