Hostess with the Mostest

It's party time! Your place?? Sure!! Wait a freakin minute!? Did your home just get volunteered to host the next family event? Or were you just guilt tripped into having people over ‘cause they haven't seen your new home? F* that! No one has jurisdiction over designating your new home for the next get together. But in case you had too many drinks one night and you started telling people to come over, no probs! NYE at your place! Bring it on bitches!  Throw the best party 2017 has ever seen!

Don't worry too much about what your home looks like...if the ambiance is right it doesn't matter that the candles are co-coordinated with the pillows on your couch that are similar to the books sitting on your feng shui shelf.What matters most is..wait for it...YOU! You set the tone for the party. If you are in a bad mood before guests arrive and that's how you welcome them, guess what...your party will suck balls. You are the hostess with the mostess, if you want your guests to have a good time, then YOU have to have a good time. Guests are like sheep...they follow you.

A few good pointers to ensure all flows smoothly is make sure you have drinks to serve to EVERYONE! That means those who drink adult beverages and those who don't. Also, another crucial factor, have extra toilet paper in the bathroom. Don't forget the plunge. Shit happens, literally. Give guests peace of mind incase war breaks out in your toilet. Most importantly, master the art of conversation. Not just for the sake of having a successful party, but for the life skill itself. Mastering this art of conversation will help you in any awkward situation.  A quick Target run and you running into your ex...or a speeding ticket while you are on your way to get your face waxed..or any other ‘get me out of this f* moment now’.

Now if I may add one more piece of advice to hosting, dress to impress. If you don't have a clue about throwing a party,  just dress like you know what you doin’ Ain't nobody gotta know you hired a maid service or picked up take out and served as your own. Just have fun with it! Party on Wayne! (Wayne's World Movie Quote, I just totally aged myself,lol)