The Gift of Self Acceptance

Written by: Erin Bach

During this season of giving, it’s an unfortunate reality that many women end up giving themselves nothing but a hard time. Rich holiday foods, interrupted routines, and end-of-the-year guilt fests inevitably lead to feeling like our bodies are all wrong, that we are all wrong.

I’ve been feeling this way myself lately, but I know that this type of negativity doesn’t lead to anything positive. So this year, I propose that instead of giving ourselves a hard time, we give ourselves the gift of acceptance.

Whatever your body looks like, however it has changed this year, can you accept that right now it’s all okay? Even if you want to be healthier, even if you can’t utter the words “body love,” can you wrap your mind around acceptance?

Over and over, I’ve heard that one of the best first steps to body acceptance is to normalize your body type (and all body types for that matter). Very few women look like the models we see across media platforms, yet those are the images that flood our screens and brains daily.

In an attempt to shift our minds to a more positive place as we wrap up 2017, here is a mini-flood of beautiful, badass women who can hopefully help all of us see ourselves in the same light.

Dana Falsetti

Tess Holliday

Jessamyn Stanley

Kelsey Miller

Denise Bidot

Danika Brysha


Gabi Fresh

Every Woman of SMV

Feeling inspired? This is just the start! Keep the flood going by finding your own body muses to help you accept the beauty of your own body.