The Mondayest Monday of all Mondays

My whole life I’ve been thinking that people who were wining about the “Monday blues” were just little babies. Monday to me was like a fresh start of a new week. Filled with opportunities and new adventures. My Mondays were rose-coloured and I almost started them singing like Cinderella while my bunny friends made my cappuccino in the kitchen. Nobody could stop me from achieving my goals on a Monday because I flipping owned Mondays. But everything changed last week.

You’re probably going to think I made the following story up. But unfortunately this was really my day.

Believe it or not, I don’t always roll out of bed flawless. But last Monday my face looked like ten big old trucks ran over it and my hair looked like the lovechild of Mick Jagger and a scruffy rat. So I got out the essential equipment to fix that mess and that’s where the magic began. I rammed my mascara wand in my eye so hard I swear I saw stars for at lest ten minutes. Even ten gallons of concealer couldn’t fix the bags under my eyes and after five attempts to fix the rat I decided to wear a beanie after all.

I hear you thinking ‘well, that isn’t all that bad’, but girl that were just the first 30 minutes of the friggin’ day. After that it was time for breakfast and to complete the parte vibe I felt the need to throw my muesli through the entire kitchen (pug went mad and gained a few pounds). My yoghurt was lumpy so I had nothing to eat and had to run by the supermarket on the way to work. You can already guess the weather that day. It literally felt like someone stood above me with a ginormous bucket of water and followed me all the way to work. (I’m skipping the story about the queues at the supermarket for your own sake)

At work I couldn’t focus on my list of tasks as long as the way to Rome and had to pie like every 20 minutes. It didn’t stop raining the entire day so I also couldn’t go out for a sniff of fresh air. Also not good for your concentration.. Well you can probably guess the rest of my day. Burned my dinner, bruised my knee and there was a tiny incident involving dog puke on my mint-coloured carpet.

But boy am I excited for the rest of the week!