The Year Round Grinch

Have you ever been crazy excited about something, and your bubble is popped faster than a zit? YES?! Then you ain’t alone lovelies!! Some people huh??!!! I mean, what kind of grinch wants to steal Christmas or your thunder?? Can it be they are crazy jealous? ABSOLUTELY! YOU DO YOU!

some people are just difficult to love and impress;not impossible, but definitely difficult af. We spend our time trying to get validation from someone who has the inability to see the greater good in your success.Whether it's a promotion, a shout out from a co-worker, or an acceptance letter, let's get this straight: if they ain't jumping for joy with you then you gotta give them the boot. Don't let their negativity into your aura.They thrive off bubble busrting.Like mold, it grows into an ugly monster that no one wants around. Until it's eliminated it will linger and continue to spread. So let's start by following these simple steps written by Louise Thompson:



1. Just because someone else thinks it’s a bad idea, does not in fact mean it’s a bad idea.


  • We all are trained to think differently, with that said, don't let someone else put a value on your ideas or accomplishments.


2. Be judicious about who you share your bright shiny dream with.


  • In a nutshell, if they don't like you they will NEVER be happy for you. Share with the people in your inner circle.


3. The more you have your own approval the less you need anyone else’s.


  • Be proud of all your accomplishments regardless of the opinions of people around you.


4. People’s opinions are just that – opinions – NOT FACTS.


  • Facts are what hold up in court. Just sayin...With that said, other people's insecurities voiced thru their opinion are only to bring you down. They add nothing of value to you.