When your workplace looks a lot like High School

Adult life is finally here. We graduated, found ourselves a nice job and are surrounded by grown-ups that treat each other equally and with respect. We no longer have to deal with bullies, discovering who we are and who we want to be and the constant pressure of living up to other people's expectations. It seems like that is not entirely true. A lot of women feel like the fear of not being accepted or not fitting in is a never-ending story that specially plays a big part in their day-to-day life, so also at work. You want an example? I can give you plenty:

Do you know that one colleague that always comes to work completely fleeky in her little black dress and red-bottomed heels? Or that HR-lady with the perfect eyebrows and blended eyeshadow? Do you ever compare yourself to these women? I bet you’d rather come to work in your comfy clothes and hair in a bun. But instead we spend at least 30 minutes in front of the mirror before going to work and change clothes three times before we decide to go for that leather pencil skirt in which we can’t move.

And what about that weekly bootcamp for employees. You know you actually hate working out more than running out of Oreos during your period. But you signed up for it anyway, why?  Because you wanted to be part of the team or because you could still hear the “motivational speech” on your way home? ‘Don’t be a pussy!’  ‘Be there or be square!’ yeah if you wouldn’t join the bootcamp you would definitely feel like the kid in High School that didn’t fit in all over again.

But try to not pay too much attention to these kinds of things. You’ve worked very hard to get to where you are now. Now it’s time to enjoy this phase in your life. You deserve to be with this company because you are good at what you do. You look amazing in your comfy jeans and T-shirt, and you are nice to your colleagues and do not need to punish yourself on a weekly basis during an employee-bootcamp. So put that hair in a bun, order your caramel latte with soy milk, whipped cream topping and sugared sprinkles and rock this job!