Body Talk

“Communication is key”. 

Great God Almighty, if I had a nickel every time I, a communication studies major, heard that phrase, I would be rolling high indeed. I could live in a mansion that used to belong to Céline Dion. I could buy a horse. I could probably buy two horses. 

“Communication is key”. 

And I’m not talking about communication in a relationship with a significant other, about whose parents are worse or who’s hogging all the bed space. 

I’m not talking about communication with a roommate about peeing with the door open (what? You mean to tell me that NO ONE does this but me? Geez, I didn’t know that privacy was so important to people) or about whose SpaghettiOs exploded in the microwave. 

I’m talking about communication with yourself. 

Oh yes. Communication is key, my friends, in every relationship, and your relationship with yourself is no exception.

Body confidence isn’t just something that is gained overnight. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide that you have no insecurities and that you are 100 percent happy with your appearance.

And if you do, then DAMN, can I please have whatever you’re having?!

Communicating openly with your body is a good first step toward body confidence. I have personally found that just thinking to yourself positive thoughts about your body isn’t enough. Say them out loud. 

Clear your throat and tell yourself that your ass is poppin’ in that bodycon dress.

Tell yourself that your eyelashes put Minnie Mouse to shame.  

You’d tell your friends that they’re beautiful and sexy, so why not tell yourself the same thing? You deserve just as much encouragement. 

Instead of looking in the mirror and criticizing EVERY SINGLE bump and lump and dimple and pimple, smile. 

Be kind to yourself. Find something you love about yourself, anything you love, and remind yourself that you’re beautiful. Because you are. 

And someone should be telling you, so it might as well be you.