Last week, when my family and I were returning from a nice Labor Day adventure, we heard in the news that Florida was declared in a state of emergency due to Hurricane Irma.

This is my first year in Florida, so you can imagine how frightening this news was.

Legitimately, a scene out of a tornado movie came to my mind. I picture myself flying out of the window of my apartment, trying to hold my little pug in my hands. 🙄  Seriously, am I not the most dramatic person ever?

Here a few observations I had over these the last few days - and my "learnings" about them:

Get supplies ASAP!

The day after we heard that Hurricane Irma was turning into a category 5, was  complete madness, By the time we got to have lunch, we could see lines in the supermarket and gas stations. People were either terrified OR getting cases of beer & snacks to enjoy the long weekend to come.

Learning: if you are planning to stay in the affected area. Run to your nearest store and stack up with supplies, as soon as you hear the news.

Should I stay, or should I go?

This is a real dilemma - when media is telling you the world is about to end, you will be wondering: what should I do?

Since we are new to this hurricane season craziness, we got rattled by media, and ended up leaving. We drove more than 20 hours to get to a "safe place". I have to admit I felt a bit stupid on Saturday when "category 5 Irma, suddenly became a category 4". That moment, I imagined my Floridian friends all relaxed playing domino, and having a beer while they waited for the storm.

Those who decided to stay in Miami, also had a stressful time with media, severe flooding, and power shortage. I'm glad to say everything is good now!

Conclusion: Do whatever YOU believe is best for you, and your family. PLEASE try to make a decision with a cool head.

Hard times will always reveal your true friends

The amount of supportive messages I received, was amazing, and heart warming ❤️.

People offering help, and a place to stay, even if we are not close friends was impressive.

After this stressful experience, my hope in human kindness has grown a good chunk!

Be careful with news

Fake news are common in this social media era. In these rough times, it's best to choose a couple of reliable sources, and follow them for updates. Otherwise, you'll end up losing your mind thinking that the worst is happening.

I guess I had many more learnings from #hurricaneIrma but these ones are the most important ones.

Writing this article as we drive back from Tennessee (where we ended up going, because according to the scary news, Miami would have been totally destroyed by now 🙄 )

On the bright side, everything is getting back to normal in Miami, I got to try coffee moonshine this weekend, and I'm ready to get my 🍑  back to work this week.

La vie est belle my friends. Peace, and I'll see you next week on this #thoughtfultuesdays space.


With all my love,