Hey! Females Can Write Too!

As someone who has not stopped reading since I got my hands on Twilight, it’s safe to say that female writers have greatly inspired most of the decisions in my life. From needing an escape, needing guidance from a powerful heroine, or just needing inspiration for my own creative projects books have always been there, especially those by female authors; there’s just this connection that’s inexplicable.

Now most of the fiction books I own have been written by females, so I was a little shocked to realize that men continue to dominate the literary world. Back in March, Loganberry Books in Cleveland turned all the books written by males backward and left the books written by females facing out; the result? A nearly bare bookstore.

And it doesn’t stop at books. Women are also known to face a gender bias when it comes to book proposals. Prize winning literature is also known to have a male protagonist, and book reviews are more likely to be written by a man than a woman; all of this despite the fact that women read more fiction than men according to Slate.

While the literary gender gap is a little unsettling, knowledge is power. And now that we’re aware of this issue, there are steps that can be taken to help fix this problem. The first step? Finding an awesome book written by a fabulous female author, and reading it!