Only aliens don’t want kids in their twenties

How many times have you been asked if you and your partner are already thinking about children? Women over twenty-five are constantly pressured to have kids or at least think about when to start trying. The fact that you are in a great relationship does not immediately mean that you are excited to start pushing tiny humans the size of a watermelon through your pelvis. But why is it that people feel the need to freely ask us about one of most important decisions of our lives?

I mean I get it when my parents are giving me (not so subtle) hints because they can’t wait to be grandparents. But it’s getting creepy the second people you just met are suggesting you start trying because the biological clock is ticking. And speaking of the biological issue, getting pregnant is just not that easy for everybody. What if the woman you are talking to and her partner have been trying for the past three years but no luck so far? I’m pretty sure she already has got all the “good advice” she can handle.

But there is also the decision to not think about having kids for the next few years. By all means I love kids, but when I think of all the sleepless nights and the responsibility to take care of this little one I get instant anxiety. A lot of women in their twenties have to get few things out of their system first. Find a house that feels like a home, go on a hundred dates with psychopaths before they meet Mr. Right, work on their career and maybe visit some exotic places. When everything on the bucket list has been highlighted it’s time to think about things like children.

And we can’t forget that having children isn’t something you just impulsively decide. You have to carefully consider if you and your partner are ready for this commitment. Because be honest, most of the time our men are still big babies. And even if you decide

to start trying it’s not something you want to share with everybody right away.  So I guess my parents have to remain patient for a little while because this bucket list is about three pages long. But we’re not aliens, just women in her twenties with lots of ambition and dreams.