Born to Stand Out

As a decidedly headstrong and opinionated woman, I’m here to tell you that I’m pissed off at how society treats tall girls.


Don’t tell us that we shouldn’t wear heels. If I want to add five inches to my 6’3” frame, then I’ll do it. People don’t tell short girls that they can’t wear flats. That would be dumb, right? So let me wear my damn stilettos and leave me alone.

Don’t tell me that I should play basketball. Or volleyball. Or any other sport that I can guarantee you that I DO NOT play. I used to play basketball, but *gasp!* My ancient-history with athletics happens to be…none of your damn business.

Don’t tell me that I should be a model. Tall girls can be more than athletes or models. Seriously. I know that that comes as a shock to everyone, but a tall girl can also be an artist. Or a writer. Or a lawyer. Or a doctor. Stop acting like long legs are all we have to offer to society.

Don’t tell me that I should only date men who are taller than me. This outdated idea that women should be smaller and more timid than their significant other is the biggest crock of crap out there. I, as a human being, have been gifted with free will. Which means that I can date someone who is 5’6” if I so desired. I could also date someone who is 6’5”. Again, it happens to be NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS.

This society we live in is crazy. It puts women in boxes and expects us to just be silent and take what we’re given. But here’s some crazy stuff to chew on.

Tall girls know they’re tall. They don’t need everyone to tell them that.

Tall girls shouldn’t have to special-order shoes and pants online. They should just sell tall sizes in store, just as they’d sell petite sizes or plus-sized clothes.

Tall girls don’t need to be fetishized for their height. Calling a tall girl an “Amazon” or telling them that “they should totally be a model” are not valid pickup lines, and don’t excuse your creepiness. Try something else. Literally, ANYTHING else.

Tall girls have just as much of a right to take up space as anyone else. We don’t have to shrink. We, as a vertically blessed collective, should just throw our shoulders back and stand up straight, because our bodies, just like the bodies of the petite women and the plus-sized women, are beautiful.

And society can’t tell us otherwise.