You Don't Need Permission

Ever have a drive to do something that empowers you? Perhaps a dream so big, it scares you? What would be the only thing that holds you back? A significant other?! EHHH! Wrong answer shuga! The only thing that should hold you back from reaching your wildest dream is a heart attack. That's a little intense, but you get the jist. No one will ever understand your drive to reach such goals as much as you do.

J Lo left all she knew to pursue show business. At 18, without her owns mother blessing, she took off to follow her heart, her dreams. Look at her now.

Stunt growth because of a significant other? You need to reconstruct those communication lines darlin’. Before they come along, you had dreams and aspirations. Those dont go away just because you fall in love! Don't lose track of your goals! Look into going back to school, joining a club, or working out. Your partner needs to understand that the best relationships are the ones that make you want to be a better person. So pursue away! Revisit your bucket list and get crackin’!

Let me just say, if your life is interdependent with your partner,  then rethink how your decision will affect them and others around you. Don't be a jerk. I'm not saying to let you inner desire burn out, I’m just sayin if your choice to pursue a dream will have a negative impact on someone else you must be willing to burn that bridge. YIKES! KARMA!

You're an adult. That means you can make your own decisions.  If your life were to flash before you, would it look complete? Or does it feel like something is missing? Be dangerous, slam those patriarchal ideas into the ground and live. Like the sing says “catch your dreams and shackle it to your heart.”