A day without #selflove is totally okay

We have learned to love ourselves regardless of what our bodies look like and we should not compare ourselves to each other and bring others down, but compliment other women and make each other feel good. But what about the days that you feel ugly, fat and more or less a horrifying monster that shouldn’t leave the house for safety reasons (I mean, what if that pimple distracts that truck driver and makes you responsible for an enormous car crash!). Is it still okay to have these kinds of days? Of course it is! It is almost impossible to be 100% confident and happy with yourself all the time. And don’t forget that self-acceptance and feeling completely happy in your own skin isn’t something that you can pick up overnight. It’s a process and in that process there is plenty of room for days filled with self-pity, screaming along to Bon Jovi with wet cheeks and stuffing your face with literally gallons of B&J’s. Here are some do’s and don’ts for these kinds of days:

1. If you want to go for that second Mcdonald's meal in two weeks, make sure you bring your dog. Eat in the car and pass him a French fry every now and then. He will love you for it and that will make you feel better about your munching-session.

2. Make sure you buy the full Sex And The City collection. Do you even need reasons why?

3. Everything tastes better when you’re wearing pajamas believe me.

4. Surprise your man with a little ‘something-something’ at any moment of the day. Good for your own self-esteem and you can make him go get your favourite chocolate bar after. You owe me my friend..


1. Roasted veggies and a low-fat skinny latte? Who are you even kidding? If you feel like having a pizza with fries on top and pasta carbonara on the side you freaking go for it girl.

2. Leave your social media accounts alone for a day. You don’t need the models of this world to make you feel guilty about skipping the gym for a week. Okay, a month..

3. Order online if you feel like shopping. Tiny fitting rooms with bad lightning and fattening mirrors, no thank you.

Hope this helps ladies, till next time.