Girl Power, Tolkien-Style

Want to know what’s beautiful?


JRR Tolkien perfectly captures their beauty in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, their wonderfully simplistic lifestyle, love of beer (#relatable) and GREAT hair. I mean, come on. Those ringlets are to die for.

However, while Hobbits are wonderful and all, I am actually here to talk about the women of the Lord of the Rings series. This series was not characterized by a plethora of female characters, so we have to really take what we can get, and since last week was Tolkien Week, I was inspired.

So today, we’re going to talk about Arwen, Eowyn, and Galadriel.

The Bad Bitches of Middle Earth.

Arwen: In the films, she was portrayed by Liv Tyler. And she was everything that every LOTR fan would have imagined: raven-haired, breathy, and with SKIN SO PERFECT that I want to cry every time I look at it because I’m such a greaseball. Arwen was resilient. She defied her father to wait for the man she loved, she was an equestrian goddess, and she saved Frodo from dying from a knife-wound. What a badass.

Eowyn: Eowyn had a rough life, what with her uncle being controlled by an evil wizard for a hot minute there, a creepy royal advisor hitting on her all the time, and everyone thinking that a woman’s job is to tend to children and wait for the men to return from battle. She gave the finger to her society’s gender norms and decided to ride to war with her uncle and brother. She ended up with a cute guy who was also blessed with great hair, and came back from battle a hero.

Galadriel: She’s beautiful, but in kind of an angular, spooky, Cate Blanchett-kind of way. She a) made the all-white thing work (something that I’VE never been able to do, but then again, I’m not a magical elf), b) succeeded in mesmerizing all of the men/Hobbits/dwarves/elves in the all-male Fellowship with JUST A SINGLE LOOK, and c) helped this Fellowship through a rough time, and sent them away with some BOMB gifts. They were pretty much in her debt after the whole situation played out. She was the tits.

These three lovely ladies were pretty much the only faces of feminine power in the original LOTR series, and they represented us women wonderfully. In light of Tolkien Week, we should definitely be thinking about how to move forward being our best, bad bitch selves, Middle-Earth-style.