Do you really need all that botox?

Plastic surgery culture is real - it would be stupid to deny it. Either if you take a look at the portrait of "perfect beauty" that media promotes, or if you go to the supermarket, you'll see women and men who have modified their aspects. Everyone has gotten "something done", it’s almost as if the main goal was to look like a modern Frankenstein.

A few years ago, I remember people being a little shy about plastic surgery. The most important thing, was to make your "improvement"  look as natural as possible. Nowadays, it seems like the tendency went the opposite way, and getting implants, or botox, is a social indicator of financial power (right when you thought that spending 3 paychecks on a designer bag was a bit too much, plastic surgery got into the game!)

The other day, it came to my attention a video of a "facial lifting procedure", and I don't know if I was more horrified with all the work/pain/risk that it takes, or with the amount of people who were commenting on the post wanting to get a spot on the pipeline. Check in here what i'm talking about.

Click Here to view video

As I ALWAYS say, I do respect everyone's decisions, and if you feel more comfortable with these procedures. You go for it, girl! - However, I would like to share my point of view, and why, a few wrinkles here and there won't ruin your life.

Wrinkles are the reminder of how much you've lived! Think about yourself right now, and about the most precious things of your life... Would your 15 unwrinkled years old self ever imagine that you'd be here? Probably not. Most likely, you'd like to give one or two advices to your young self, but would never change the path you've taken.


Would people who love you, stop appreciating you because you happen to have wrinkles? Again, I don't think so. They would probably recommend you to stress less, or to try some skincare routine.. but trust me, love is felt with the heart!

Now let's be real. Being the best version of ourselves should always be our main priority. We only live once, and it is in our hands to make the best out of it. Consider exercising every day, eating as healthy as possible, and taking a few minutes to pamper your skin. Beauty comes from within, and all we do to nourish our spirit will be reflected on our outside.

If you still feel the need to go for that plastic surgery, rock it! - But please, remember that you are perfect, just the way you are!

With so much love,