Pinky Promise?

Have you ever committed to something then come to find out you really didn't want it any more? Like, commit to a job, a relationship,  a diet, an event, book club, a training program, education? Why did you fall off the wagon? What changed your mind?

When we commit it's because one way or another we are getting something out of it. Don't lie, we all have hidden agendas. Psh, whatevs its all good! However, take a second to think what could have gone differently to get you back on that wagon, and honor the commitment you accepted. You have the power to change whatever extrinsic factors are influencing you to be disloyal.

For example, dieting. Are you dieting for a short term goal? Maybe just to look good at that wedding at the end of the month, or are you trying to “diet" in order to live about 20 years longer? So you gotta change the language. You're not on a diet, eat healthy because that's your new lifestyle.

Weight training can be a b****. After a long day, you don't want to think about repeating the morning process again! (Get dressed, eat something light, double check your bag, head out the door ONCE AGAIN and start a new activity. However, you owe it to yourself to commit to nurturing your ONE body that is going to get you from point A to point B for the rest of your life!


Keeping promises shows the value of your decision to make a commitment. Having a hard time being loyal? No prob! Ask yourself four questions from Michelle Gielan before committing to anything:


  1. What is my motivation behind this commitment?

  2. Is my commitment realistic?

  3. How significant is it that I keep this promise?

  4. If you do break the promise, will you be able to handle it well?


All right darlins’ remember, “each moment, is a moment of choice and your commitments keep you true to yourself, choice by choice.”

-Rhonda Britten