A Look at What Taylor Swift has Actually Done

For a couple of weeks now, everyone has been buzzing with excitement over Taylor Swift’s new music. People have taken a look at every miniscule detail in her music video “Look What You Made Me Do”, attempting to trace clues to the many feuds the singer has had with other celebrities; but that’s not what the songs about, and in the media thinking that’s what it’s about they’ve proved Swift’s point.

For years the media have traced song lyrics to one of Swift’s ex-boyfriend’s. They’ve traced tweets, and vague interview answers back to celebrity feuds. The media has essentially taken Taylor Swift’s reputation and twisted it into something she may or may not have wanted it to be. Why can’t Swift, as a female artist, release a love ballad without it relating to one of her boyfriend’s? Why can’t she release a song like “Bad Blood” without it being about her distaste for Katy Perry? How come the media can separate a male singer’s professional and personal life, but not a female’s?

While Taylor Swift has definitely done some questionable things throughout her career, she’s often criticized for never owning up to any of her faults. Maybe Taylor Swift will never own up to any of her faults, but the media hasn’t exactly given her any opportunities to own up to any of them. Instead, they’ve written her narrative for her.

And this happens to the rest of us as well. The time it was assumed you posted that sexy selfie to get your ex’s attention, when really you posted it because you looked absolutely flawless and wanted to share that selfie with the world. The time you missed an event you knew a frenemy would be at because life just got in the way and you couldn’t make it, but everyone assumed you just hated them too much to be in the same room as them.

It’s a fact. People are always going to talk, they’re always going to attempt to write your narrative for you whether you want to be apart of it or not. But, like Taylor, you have the ability to take your own narrative back. And maybe you could start taking it back after a nice relaxing bath with diamonds.