2018: Year of the Queen

There. I’m speaking it into existence.

No one can argue that 2017 was a year filled with craziness, negativity, sadness, trouble and fear, but this holiday season has brought about a feeling of hope, and, damn it, I’m bringing this hope into the new year.

2018 will be the year of the powerful woman. I’m telling you. You heard it here first, people. We women will be grabbing 2018 by the balls.

The balls, I tell you.

2018 will be a year of female confidence and strength, and the freedom for women to express this strength in whatever way they see fit.

2018 will be a year of bossy women, driven women, stubborn women, and women who have resolved that, with the craziness of 2017, they are taking absolutely ZERO shit from anyone.

2018 will be a year of aggressive women. I don’t mean Emma-threatening-to-punch-people-in-the-throat aggressive (although it’ll be hard for me to let go of that, I’m pretty certain). I mean aggressive, like I’m-breathing-fire-and-ready-to-change-the-world. 2018 will be the year women will take being called aggressive as a compliment.


2018 will be a year of female unity. The craziness of 2017 has already started this movement, but 2018 will be the year that women band together, support each other NO MATTER their race, religion, lifestyle, size, or ethnicity. Competition and cattiness is SO over. We are bringing a unified front to the table in 2018 to tackle whatever comes our way.

I can feel it. Wait and see.

Honestly, every year should be a year of female strength. But I personally have changed so much in this past year, and I know 2018 is when it will all come together. I can feel it. But I also know this:

Simply speaking it into existence isn’t enough. This takes resolve, self-awareness, honesty, and requires motivation to stand up and own our womanhood. Because if we don’t do it now, in 2018, when will we do it?

Seriously. Let’s all stand tall, pick up our crowns, and begin our reigns as queens of 2018.