No ‘New Year new me nonsense’ this time

No more junk food, no more drinking (at least a little less), no more skipping the gym and no more spending money on things I don’t need. Just a tiny grip of New Year’s resolutions that I had over the past few years. And with me thousands and thousands of people all over the world. And don’t get me wrong. Every January I couldn’t be more determined to achieve these goals. But for some reason some part of me gets very obstinate when I get told NOT to do things. I still thank my parents every day for not dropping me off on the side of the road when I squeezed my banana so hard the car still smelled like a tropical sorbet two years later.

But this year I’m doing things differently. I’m not only going to eat my banana like a normal person but I also decided that I’m done with New Year’s resolutions. I’m going to shake things up a bit and in stead of telling myself what NOT to do, I’m going to challenge myself to DO things.

Yes that’s right. Starting now I’m going to make a list of goals at the beginning of each year. Since I’m just a rookie at the whole goal-setting-thing I start 2018 off with 5 things I want to achieve this year. I write them down in a book and plan to look at it again at December 31th 2018. And if I did everything right I will have to boxes to tick. Now I’m not saying I am far related to Einstein and found out a new and improved way to turn your life around. Even better: you shouldn’t even do this if you don’t feel like it at all. But if you are kind of a quitter on your resolutions like me, this might work for you too.

Since I’ve given you my tip to start 2018 with a bang and accomplish some  shiz along the way, there is one thing left for me to do. Wishing you all a dashing, cozy, sexy New Year’s eve. But even more important: all the luck, love, joy and new adventures in 2018.