New Brows, New You!

Brows. We shape ‘em, we tweeze ‘em, we fill them in, we shave ‘em, we tatoo ‘em. Don't feel bad if you have done any of the above. I'm guilty as charged! I've done them All! You must be like wtf, you have tatoo’d them!!??? Let me explain.

As a young girl I had thick beautiful brows. When I graduated high school and began college, thin brows were the new beautiful. So i plucked ( yup, like a chicken) a brow hair here and there. Then I finally achieved thin brows!! Whohoo! Ugh it got so annoying when I couldn't maintain the thin brows because my body was telling me “go back to thick brows stupid! You're gonna regret it!” Brow hairs grow so fast! I told that voice to shut up and just let me pluck.

10 years later, I find myself shopping for the best brow pencil a girl can find!! I should have listened to that voice! Guess what, thick bold brows are the new beautiful!

Damn it, i just can't seem to keep up with esthetic trends. By that time my eyebrows weren’t growing back and have thinned out more after my pregnancy. So i decided, I'm just gonna do me. I'm going to do my own kind of beautiful. This is the part where I sucked it up and tried microblading.

Microblading is f'ing awesome! It is seriously the answer to my prayers.( ok, i didn't really pray for thick brows, more like world peace but you know what i mean). After much research, I finally found a MEDICAL esthetician. That's right, medical. That part had me drawn in right away. There were many salons who were like “ oh yea, we do nails, hair, waxes, and yea sure we can do microblading.” Run the other direction! Apparently it takes 3 days to train for microblading certification sooooooo, yea no thanks student driver, I'll take the medical esthetician.

Drea at Bloom Aesthetics is highly professional and ridiculously squeaky clean. WINNING!  I had a free consultation were we discussed what I wanted and she began to measure my face and map out my brows. Yup, it's all math. Once she has drawn lines on your face she shows you were the blading would take place. I was hooked.

The day of my procedure she did the measurements again, and after my approval and her practically scrubbing up,it began. So it's basically tiny cuts made on the brow, then the “ink" is brushed on top and it sinks into the little cuts made. Once she cleans you up tah dah! Brows!!!

There are post care instruction and you MUST follow them! It's easy though, just don't touch them. That's basically the gist.

Microblading will give you back confidence and save you time and money. It's ok to treat yourself and try chemical peels, mesotherapy, lip fillers, or botox. We're always watching what we eat, running that mile, why not give your skin something more than just a moisturizer? Even new cars need tune ups to last longer, so give yourself a tune up.

(By the way, now that I'm all grown up and wiser,you TWEEZE your eyebrows not pluck.)