Major Girl Power Alert

Do you know the dictionary definition of gender? Gender is defined as “the state of being male or female. Typically used with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones” (i.e. traditional concepts of gender. Pink = girl, blue = boy) Now, do you know the dictionary definition for sex? “either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.” You’re probably wondering why those definitions are important, but they’re actually really important and we’ve been using them interchangeably for years when in fact they mean two different things.

We’ve assumed that sex = gender for years now, when actually gender can be broken into 3 different area: body, identity, and expression. In fact, science is actually pointing towards our brains having a lot to do with how we identify ourselves; and we don’t always identify ourselves with the sex organ we have. Cisgender persons (or cis for short) are people who have gender identities that are consistent with their assigned sex at birth. Anyone who doesn’t have a gender identity that matches their assigned sex? Transgender (or trans for short), sort of like one of my favorite Youtubers Stef Sanjati (she also has Waardenburg Syndrome! That’s why she looks like a fairy elf princess goddess, but I also have a theory that she is a fairy elf princess goddess).

I started watching her videos a year ago, and I’m more than happy to consider myself apart of her #breadsquad. I’ve learned a lot from her videos, about the trans community but also how trans women aren’t that different from cis women. Yes, trans women face a whole slew of issues that I will never face as a cisgender female but we have some things in common beyond the obvious differences.

Trans women and cisgender females fight for control over their bodies everyday (wear a crop top whenever you want no matter what your size tag says, and yeah you may breastfeed your baby here despite that old ladies disapproving gaze). We fight for safety in and outside of our homes, and to not be objectified (goodbye cat callers). More importantly, cis or trans, we deserve to feel beautiful. We fight so much, we don’t need to be at war with each other as well. The best power is girl power!