We need to stop burnout shaming!

Last week I watched a daily Dutch television show about gossip, lifestyle and trends. Hours before the show I saw the teaser about one of the subjects they were going to talk about and it really caught my interest. They were going to talk about one of Holland’s most popular vloggers. She just made video explaining that she wouldn’t be posting any new videos for a while because she was sick. She tried her best to explain to her followers/viewers that she is having a burnout and what that precisely does to a person. In that video you see a young woman (I believe she’s around 26/27 years old) struggling between knowing she has to take some time off for her own health and feeling the pressure of keeping her audience updated on her life. You see a broken girl who drowned in the pressure that comes with being an influencer on social media. So I thought: wow, amazing that this show is paying attention to this problem. But then the following happened…

One of the regular guests of the show started laughing and mocking her. “If you can’t handle the pressure you should look for another job.” “Having panic attacks at this age is ridiculous”. And many more likewise quotes. Of course they had a real psychologist there explaining how serious this matter is. Especially among people in their twenties, I believe they’re called millennials. But no matter how  hard she tried to stand up for this girl and her courage to share this matter with her audience, that one particular guest managed to get the whole group cynical about having a burnout at a young age. They started making jokes about it and completely ran over anything the psychologist said. What resulted in the fact that nobody who had been watching the show started thinking about the serious problem that more and more people are having a burnout at a young age is. In stead they remembered the jokes and mocking of the guests of the show.

This whole matter made me so mad.  Shows like this with such a great audience can make a massive change in the way people think about certain matters. They can make their viewers aware of the changes and problems in their society. And young people being more and more vulnerable for burnouts isn’t something we should thing lightly of. So that’s why, dear daily show, I will not longer trust your opinion on other mattes. Because you proved me that you don’t really matter about the well being of your audience.