We got your booty, and back!

Written By: Gabi Torres


2018 is the year to have a great back and derriere... Ok, how superficial did I sound saying that crap?.. I've just been bitten by the gym bug, and have been feeling some real changes since then (by changes I mean, I've been feeling some muscles I didn't even know that existed).

Sharing is caring, and because I love you all, I wanted to share 5 favorite posterior exercises. Since I know that a good chunk of you may have a hard time bringing your a$$ to the gym after a long day, I tried to find the ones that require the less/non equipment to be perform. 

Here ya go!

Pull-ups: This one will not only help you define your back, but will also help with your abs. Remember to engage your core on every rep. If performing a strict pull-up sounds like too much, you can always modify the movement by doing jumping pull-ups (It sounds silly, but it will quickly help you get the real ones)

I do them 1-2 times per week, and try to accumulate 30-50 reps, breaking them up in sets of 5. 


Push Ups: In here you can see a bunch of modifications to the original movement. The best part: they can all be performed at the comfort of your house! 

My favorite variation of the push-ups is the low incline ones. You increase the range of motion, and give some extra love to your triceps. 5 sets of 8-10 reps of these babies will help you say good bye to the feared "auntie arms".

push ups.jpg

Assisted Dips: You can perform these beauties using a kitchen bench, or even your bed (just make sure is a stable object). Lock your arms at the top of each rep, and descend as low a you can. You can gradually make them "harder" by keeping your feet further from your butt. 3-4 sets of 10 reps, and you'll start feeling the burn, baby!

assisted dips.jpg

Reverse Lunges: We can't forget about the booty, right? Lunges are our best allied when developing strong glutes, toned quads, stable core, and flexible hips. I know they're hard, but I've heard that 100 of these, 2 times per week will make a huge difference!

I'm adding in here the reverse lunge picture. However, you guys can try with some walking ones. The other day I tried to cross a bridge doing walking lunges, and they were super sweet... and spicy!


Hip Extensions: Anytime I'm doing these, I feel like I'm practicing for a great sex encounter, and I also feel a bit shy if there are males around. It does feel like you're showing you P to the world, but it's totally worth it... Also, who said we should hide the P?

Try to keep your hips extended for a couple of seconds, drop them quickly, and extend again. Go for 3 rounds of 20 reps. Your booty, and partner will be thankful for it! 


*As you can see on my non-professional explanations, I'm not a trainer or anything like that. Just a girl, trying to share some good tips with many other girls!

Give these fun exercises a try, let's say bye to booty injections, and implants. Let's make 2018 our best natural year yet!

With love,