2018 lioness pack!

Written By: Gabi Torres

The other day, when I was scrolling down my Instagram I found the following image, and I had an aha! moment! Check it out:

With this message I'm not only calling out Gym members, but all of us that are starting a new activity, and being adventurous at something this new year. Today I'm inviting you to be that person you would like to have around (something like leading by example), to be a supportive mate, and a reliable friend to those who are taking the courage to venture into something new. 

With this I'm not suggesting to force yourself to be a bubbly person. If you're shy, you can still spread light and support. I know you can do it!

I love the quote "Strong women lift each other up", and believe we should all start internalizing it. Let's try to avoid using demeaning names. No more calling other gals "hoe, bitch, thot, slut". We need to unlearn those toxic habits once and for all! 

Isn't it a bit satirical that we try to teach our daughters to avoid this words, but then we go to work and call names (even when we don't say it out loud) at least to another female?- yup! That's not right and we need to stop it.

This 2018, let's all be lioness who take care of our pack.  Let's start our day saying something kind to ourselves, and to others. Let's be the friendly face to the new girl at the spinning class, let's tell our coworker her new haircut looks great, let's call our best girlfriend and listen to her. Little gestures can make a huge difference on other person's day!

Let's love so hard, that we don't have time to negativity in our lives ❣️