Make Yourself Your Valentine this Year

Written By: Kimberly Davis

Once New Year’s is over our party hats are hung up until next year, and the confetti is swept off of the floors. Soon the dreaded decorations come out; cupid bows, angels, and heart shaped everything. Before you scream at all the lovey-dovey Instagrams and Hallmark cards, take a deep breath and a step back because you can still have a love-filled Valentine’s Day! How? BY LOVING YOURSELF!


Be your own Valentine!


When is the last time you treated yourself to a mani/pedi? Or a cupcake from your local bakery? A haircut or a blowout? A massage? How about time with a good book on a quiet day, or spending time with friends or family? Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the people you love; but why can’t that person be yourself?

When you take care of yourself, it is much easier to take care of other people around you. Valentine’s Day is a great day to catch up on some good old fashioned self-care. While it’s great to celebrate the love you have for the people around you, we often forget how important it is to take care of ourselves first. Remember, you have to put your mask on first before helping those around you.

So instead of bringing a “healthy” lunch to school or work this Valentine’s Day (it falls on a Wednesday this year), stock up on chocolate and conversation hearts from Target (because their Valentine’s Day section is absolutely adorable) and make that your lunch. Buy yourself flowers to cheer yourself up, have a bubble bath with some wine, throw on sweatpants, and watch Netflix. This year’s Valentine’s Day is dedicated to loving you, because that’s the person who deserves your love the most.