Are we boycotting female talent?

Written By: Amber Brand

Now I don’t know how many Dutch or Belgian readers this article will get. But last week I noticed something I wanted to share with you either way. Because here in The Netherlands we seem to save the stages just for male performers. And it’s not like we don’t have any female talent walking our muddy soil. I mean feel free to browse your Youtube for Glennis Grace, Anouk and Miss Montreal. But when the most popular annual concert of the year takes place, there are only 2 (out of 25!!) female artists on the line up.

And of course as soon as someone asks critical questions about this subject, the organization comes with weird and probably instantly made up rules about selecting their artists. They said that they should all have had at least one top 10 hit is the past year. Please believe me when I say that there were guys performing who haven’t seen any kind of prize/award since the last dinosaur closed his eyes for good. So that, dear organization, is some serious bull..

I was intrigued by this matter and wondered if it was just this particular concert that totally ignored the fine female artists we Dutchies have. And guess what, they are not. Pinkpop (one of the largest annual festivals) have had 54 main acts since 2000. And now you can guess how many of those were women. 2!! Only two out of 54 main acts were women. And that is so flipping disturbing. I’m dying to know how on earth they made that selection. So I’ve decided to write them a letter. If they ever take the time to respond I will of course update you guys. But I don’t think such a big organization will take responsibility for such a delicate matter in the form of a responding letter to me.

But whether they do or not. It feels good to at least have said something. I know it probably won’t make any difference. But I won’t accomplish anything by saying or doing nothing either. I feel this is a serious problem in The Netherlands and I’m really wondering if this is any different in other countries. I don’t believe in special festivals or concerts for female artists. Both sexes should be treated equally. 27 out of 54 artists should be women and we should all go bananas at concerts and festivals because that kind of entertainment should bring people together. Not divide them.