Let Men In


It’s hard to exist when society is constantly telling us that we have to be perfect. It leads to a whole slew of insecurities and self-doubt.

We’ve all experienced it.

I feel like it’s important to talk about something that we as strong women tend to overlook: male body positivity.

The term “body positivity” is usually gendered as a more feminine concept, but it’s just as important for men, especially since society overlooks it so much.

It’s not necessarily a feminine idea, loving your body.

Or having insecurities.

Or feeling like you have to look “perfect”.

Here’s the thing: we, as women, can help the male body positivity movement. Men struggle with the same body issues that women do: weight struggles, body hair insecurities, height anxieties, acne, and everything in between. Men just don’t usually talk about these issues in an open forum like women do, because our society considers it strange or abnormal for men to do so.

But honestly, who gives a shit about what society considers strange?

Ladies, let’s not shy away from talking about body issues in the contexts of all genders. Women aren’t the only people that suffer from these insecurities, so let’s start opening the conversation a little bit more.

I have three brothers and countless male friends, and the negative-body-image rhetoric that I hear on a daily basis that is just ACCEPTED is crazy. I hear all the time stuff like “man, if I was a little taller, girls would be all over me” or “I have to get back into the gym; I used to be such a stud before I gained weight”.

The negative rhetoric is present among men, just as it is among women, only the difference is that society doesn’t really allow men to talk about it openly without labeling them.

Men should be able to talk about their body-image issues openly, just like women are starting to. This body-positive movement is such a beautiful thing, and it shouldn’t be limited to just women. Every person on this planet has some sort of insecurity, and everyone should be able to talk about it and find support in the community without judgment.

Body positivity should not be gendered, and everyone, no matter their gender, deserves to join the discussion and experience the support within the body-positive community.