A poem to Girls


I spend most part of my week looking out for relevant content for women. I think about each of SMV's readers, and wish I could write a note that can brighten their day, and hug their soul. I may be too committed, but I'm certain that making a simple/loving detail can make a difference. 

This week, I found this beautiful poem at www.theodysseyonline.com - The most interesting part (to me) is that it was written by a guy. I believe that creating consciousness, and appreciation to women's matters is one of the biggest steps to change. Read below:

Girls by James Williams

Girls, they have to keep their guard up.

The fight for love has been a battle un-won for centuries.

They go into battle, no sword, no shield, just compassion.

Fighting against guys who are love assassins.

Fighting against guys who have… no compassion.

Pitiful, girls stubble down the hills of love into the trenches of depression,

Just to get right back up, walk up that same hill,

Trip over that same rock, and hit their head on the same spot.

Why do these girls learn, not?

Forced into thinking the best they can be is a dime,

But they know the value of a dollar is worth more,

It's just less shiny. Craving guys who crave their bodies.

They put you down because that’s where they’re looking,

It's sad that you accept their criticism because they want the title of taken?

They say it's to hard to find someone else,

But its not to hard to see that you need someone else,

To see that you want someone else.

The problem is that in order to do that you have to be by yourself,

And you don’t want to do that so you stay with him.

Everyday you’re with him he tells you,

You don’t need no one else,

You don’t want no one else

But deep down inside there is a voice screaming,

And its saying … HELP!

You just want to be loved.

The hugs, the kisses,

The “love”, He listens

But watch out because he’s on a mission


I know that most of us have been in a toxic relationship, and today I want to tell you that is fine. We live, and we learn. We are all valuable, and enough. Let's internalize that, and say STOP to all those things that are hurting our hearts.


With much love,