Meal prepping made simple!

When we hear the term “meal prep”, we immediately imagine spending all our Sunday in the kitchen, instead of enjoying that yoga class, or that well deserved brunch with friends.

The good news is that Meal prepping doesn’t have to become another boring/adulting task. I have a few tips that will bring down your time investment to a couple of hours. Sunday-funday and cooking for the week can both fit in one calendar day!

1- Make it simple: One of the biggest complications when trying to hit our macros, is when we dive into elaborated recipes. If you’re a beginner on this meal prepping venture, remember that simple is better. Try to cook each macronutrient separately to avoid miscalculations. Go for boiled, or grilled proteins, and for plane carbs. This will not only make the whole process quicker, but will lead you to better/faster results.

2- Slow cooker - Your new best friend: When I decided to give it a try to this crockpot

I was a little bit skeptical. Not only for its affordability, but because it looked to me like a “regular” pot. I couldn’t be more wrong, my friend! - This baby has made my meal prepping a walk in the park. The good thing is that most of the times you’d need the most basic species to make a juicy recipe. It’s also great for time management. You could place in here some chicken breasts, cook some ground beef on the stove, and bake some Brussel sprouts in the oven - All at the same time… You could even leave the slow cooker on, and go out for a mimosa or two. 

3- Big containers first, portions later: Let’s be honest.. a major problem when dieting, or meal prepping is that we don’t feel like eating what we have on the container. Many times, we end up not eating the food on it, or going to the closest cafe to get a yummy sandwich...We’ve all been there. 

The trick is to put each meal on a big container, and decide what you’re feeling like eating that day. It gives your brain a sense of freedom, and you’d still be hitting your goals while satisfying your cravings. Remember that eating is one of the biggest pleasures of life, and we can try to make our routine as enjoyable as possible. 

Extra bonus - check out these easy and yummy crockpot recipes!

Nourishing our body appropriately is the best prevention to any health condition. Let's choose wisely and ensure many more years of love, laugh and light on this journey called life. 


With love,