Because you wore that short skirt and guys kept yelling sexual slurs at you..that's ok, next time be more modest in your wardrobe choice.

Because you like to drink and party and got groped from all angles...that's ok, you probably deserved it since you were drunk anyways…

Because you were at the party and got slipped a pill in your drink...that's ok, you will just set down your drink and pretend you forgot were you left it.

WROOOONNNNGGGG! ITS NEVER F*ING OKAY!  Women don't earn or deserve to be sexually harassed or assaulted “because they brought it upon themselves". Stupid people who say stupid things deserve to be bitched slap into next week...but do we act on it? NO! So women do not “earn” a disrespectful act against them.

The #Timesup is a movement that rooted from the #MeToo women who were sexually offended by Harvey Weinstein, a hot shot producer in Hollywood. These sexual advances on women has happened in boardrooms, on farms, in offices, and even in Hollywood. Where it's stereotypical to think that in order to make it in the business you need to find out “who to sleep with” it is not okay to accept it as the norm. We need to stand with these women, not just to support the cause, but to build a better future for our daughters, nieces, aunts, mothers, and sisters.

This revolution has made headlines across the nation and rightfully so! We need to shine  light as brightly as we can so the world can see the magnitude of this problem and start to create legislation that protects women (and men) from sexual harassment and advances. We need to abolish the “non-disclosure agreements" that happen behind closed doors to silence the victims. We need to strengthen the community of supporters and bring awareness to end the list of victims and bring justice to the survivors.

Because that's what we deserve. Respect.

Tic.Toc. Times Up.