It’s Time to Stop Apologizing for your Birth Control


Birth control pills are pretty straightforward in terms of how to take them properly; pop one pill out, swallow it with water, and take it at the same time everyday (as if!). When it comes to taking birth control in public, most women try to do it as secretly and discreetly as possible; and that’s a problem. No, women do not need to have silent alarms on their phones nor do they have to quickly slip a tiny pill in their mouth and take a quick drink of water to make it seem like they were just thirsty.

I’ve been on three different birth control pills before I found sweet relief in the birth control patch. When I did take pills I refused to be ashamed about it and you shouldn’t be either. Why? Because women deserve to be in control of managing their sex lives and their health; not all women take birth control because they’re having sex, some take it because they have really bad periods or a medical condition.

Think of it this way: if you wouldn't hide taking a multivitamin to prevent a cold, you shouldn’t hide your birth control just because it prevents pregnancy. The same thing goes for buying anything down the “family planning” aisle in the grocery store or pharmacy. Buying condoms should not feel embarrassing, if anything it should be empowering; you’re taking control of your life here.

The need to hide our birth control is just another version of policing our bodies, and we all know what we say to that. Bottom line, no one is judging you for taking your birth control and if they do forget them (shout out to the lady who gave me the evil eye when her son thought my patch was a sticker). Live unapologetically, it’s the best way to live.