Our Journey: Don’t Stop Believin’

When I first started with my journey to true self-acceptance, I thought it would take two years, three years tops.


I thought it would be a relatively simple change: just start being more confident. How hard could it be?

Actually, SURPRISE! Pretty fucking hard.

SPOILER ALERT: it has taken longer than three years. In fact, it truly is an ongoing process, and it will never end. Who’d have thought?

And it isn’t a simple process, either. I thought I’d just go from milestone to milestone and eventually reach the point where I felt like a goddess 24/7 and never go back.

I can’t believe someone as smart, witty, charming, charismatic, and non-narcissistic as myself could be so dumb.

Self-acceptance isn’t something that happens overnight. It isn’t something that you can just achieve and then move forward with your life. Sure, sometimes it might be easier to love your body (like now, in the winter, when we can wear cute coats and sweaters and hide our insecurities), but there are going to be times when it’s a little harder, too.

Like in the summer, when women are expected to shed all of our clothes and look like models in our bathing suits. Hesitation ensues, and self-confidence plummets.

It really is an adventure. Some days, we feel great about ourselves. We’re told we look pretty by a stranger, or our skin has been looking a little clearer, or we’ve just been having a couple of good hair days in a row.

If that’s how your life is going, bless the hell up.

But some days, our front-facing camera on our phones catch us at a bad angle and throws prominence on our slight double chin. That one happens to me CONSTANTLY. Or bad lighting in a changing room makes us cringe at the sight of our cellulite.

Boom. In just a second, whatever progress we’ve made on the road to true body confidence seems lost.

This is not an uncommon occurrence. Everyone is going through this, and it’s hard for everyone. We all have insecurities, and sometimes they creep up on us in spite of how far we’ve come.

We just need to know how to meet these little challenges and obstacles head-on and conquer them as they come. Because we are strong, resilient women, and nothing can derail us on this journey.