Why We Should all Witness Mrs. Grey’s Debut


I have been very resistant towards anything and everything that is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Then boredom struck on a Friday night in, nothing was on television (when is there anything on TV? Why do we pay for this?), but E! was playing the first movie in the series and I figured why not? I’ve been a changed woman ever since. This weekend I plan on seeing the movie (I’m actually going to pay $15 to see a movie) with my sisters because the movies and the books are actually pretty awesome. What’s even more awesome? The total transformation of Ana over the course of the three movies/books.

In the beginning of it all Ana is insecure of her appearance (who isn’t at some point in their life). She is “plain” in comparison to other women, especially the women in Christian’s office who are all blonde hair and runway ready. Ana? Not so much. She’s portrayed as mousy and small. Soon though, she’s serving looks in lingerie ‘Old Ana’ probably would’ve blushed at and going sunbathing topless.


While ‘Old Ana’ would run from confrontations in the past, she’s no longer afraid of standing up for herself or the people she loves and cares about. Take Mrs. Robinson for instance. She tried telling Ana she wouldn’t be enough to make Christian happy, and I think it’s safe to say she wasn’t ready to be doused in gin. Ana will not be ignored or overlooked anymore.


While most people see the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as bad erotic fiction, I chose to see it as a reminder that doing the thing that scares you the most can help you uncover things about yourself you never knew before; or in Ana’s case awaken an inner fierce goddess.