Know Thyself

Written By: Emma Grosskopf


I have seen my body dressed up in a tight dress and six inch heels. I have seen it without any clothes on. I’ve seen it in the mirrors at the gym, sweating profusely, and I have seen it in cute little pajama sets.

I’ve seen it in clothes that are too big for it, too small for it, or just downright unflattering for it. I have seen it in the fluorescent lighting of my dorm room, which I can GUARANTEE you was a scary sight. Skinny jeans, crop tops, bikinis, underpants, fluffy bathrobes? I’ve seen it all.

So trust me, I know what I’m talking about when I talk about my body.

I am so blessed to have people around me constantly who are interested in building people up instead of tearing them down, people who are looking to compliment each other and be kind to each other. It’s great, really it is.

But I KNOW me. If I mention something about my weight (which I’m not ashamed to say is almost 200 pounds), I don’t need these kind people to start telling me “no way! You definitely don’t look 200 pounds!” or “Oh, shut up, you’re so skinny”.

It has taken me so long to finally be able to be honest with myself. To be able to say that yes, I do in fact have cellulite. No, my stomach is not flat. Yes, I am a little bit bottom-heavy.

So when I’m talking to people about this sort of thing, I don’t need to hear niceties, because I know my body. Like I said, I’ve seen it from all angles in all different kinds of clothes under a whole range of different lighting. I am not trying to run myself down.

I know myself, and I love myself. And when you love someone, you tell them the truth.

So when I talk about my cellulite, I don’t want to hear any “Oh, you can’t even tell!” because first of all, that’s total bullshit. I don’t need any more bullshit in my life. Yes, people can tell that I have cellulite.

Do I care what they think? No.

Am I a bad bitch? Um, yes.

Being honest with yourself is not being mean to yourself. Being able to speak frankly about your body is not always an attempt at self-deprecation. You know you better than anyone else. Your body is yours, and it’s about time that the people around you accepted that idea, your body, and your honesty because, to be honest, it is truly beautiful.