You rock my world, my Galentine's

Since I can remember, media has been pushing couples to spend a ridiculous amount of money on gifts, dinners, and flowers for Valentine's Day. For some couples this holiday represents one of the best days of their year. However, there are many women who have decided to raise, and realize they don't need a significant other to be happy, and to feel complete. Today, a good chunk of ladies are getting together to celebrate Galentine's Day... and I have to say. It is brilliant! 

It was about time to have a holiday (even if it's still unofficial) that celebrates those wonderful beings who are there for you 24/7, no matter how much of a crazy fool you are!. I've always believed that Love is Love. No matter gender, ethnicity, or religion. That is I propose we dedicate this day to make those who love us feel appreciated. Sometimes, friends love you more than those who possess your body for a few minutes. 

Let's give our Galentines a shout out. If we can't actually go out with them tonight, let's give them a call to catch up and remind them how much of a badass b!tch she/he is. Little things can make a huge difference on other person's life. Think about it. Have you ever had an "aha!" moment while you're just casually talking with your BFF? 

One day I was depressed because I thought I was "fat". I remember I didn't want to go out with my now-husband, because I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. Yes, it sounds dramatic. However, it was a serious moment to me. I remember calling my best friend and telling him about my feelings. He patiently listed to me (even if he had heard the same story a thousand times over the years). Right after I finished my petty speech; he told me: So, you think that because you "look fat" you're not having sex tonight? Do you think if your man didn't love you, he'd be inviting you out?... Right there, the AHA!!! moment came - He was right! I had nothing to fear about!  I remember going out that night, and dancing like if nobody was watching, and enjoying every second of the date! 

Today, that quick story not only reminds me that we have to be our own Valentine (because enough, and we're worth it). It also reminds me that life without friends wouldn't make any sense. What about we celebrate positive vibes today and tomorrow, and forget a little about big budgets?

With love,