Women I Love Series #2: Melinda Alexander

Written By: Erin Bach

Over the course of a few weeks, I’d like to share with you some badass women who are currently rocking my world when it comes to intuitive eating and body acceptance. This week is the incomparable Melinda Alexander! If you missed last week, you can catch up here.

I found Melinda Alexander (@MuMuMansion) through the deep, twisty rabbithole of Instagram. No clue what led me to her, but I have been addicted to her page ever since. On her website, Melinda describes her role like this: “I help women—whose life reflects some part of mine— reimagine themselves, their style, their lives. I do women's work.”

What Is “women’s work,” you ask? Just take a look at some of her offerings: #TheyGetBetterWhenYouDo—Love, Heartache, and Rebuilding Self; #GetNakedGetFree—Body Image and Self Discovery. Yup, that is work of being a woman.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love Melinda:

#5 She’s unabashedly creative

As someone who strives to live a creative life, I’m inspired when I see people expressing their art openly and abundantly. What I love about Melinda is that she does this through so many channels: clothes, writing, photos, online workshops, in-person gatherings, and her creative space/store in LA called Mid City Magic.


 #4 She does love right

She is very open about going through a traumatic marriage in her youth. Then she confronted her own shit and just like her #TheyGetBetterWhenYouDo philosophy, the right man entered her life. The other day she posted an IG story talking about how important (and sexy) it is to see your partner thrive in their creative element, which hit home for me. She’s open about the joy and the work it takes to have a partnership of equals, and I’m constantly blown away by how much I relate to (and appreciate) what she has to say.


#3 She’s self-aware

I am the queen of self-awareness (and understatement). I’m not lacking in insight when it comes to myself or my behavior, however, turning that insight in action is a whole other story. Melinda and I live very different lives, but I swear we share a brain. She is equally self-aware, but given her online platform, she shares her insights and her actions in order to connect with and inspire others, even as she’s working through it all. I also appreciate that she tackles topics that other folks stray from, like recognizing white privilege and dealing with domestic violence.

#2 She’s real as fuck

For all her vibrant, sassy photos with a bold lip, she also shares many raw images and videos with no makeup, sleepy eyes, and dirty hair. Thank you! Cuz that’s what I look like RIGHT now. She has sexy selfies and photos of her naked belly. Amen. To see her truly get real, watch her video interview from StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath Project” here.


#1 She celebrates the human body

One of her flagship programs, #GetNakedGetFree, is based on the idea that when you let all of the bullshit go (shame, society’s view of beauty, your own emotional hang ups) you can finally free yourself to be who are. To let you belly and your boobs out. To let yourself be seen. I need this message over and over. I think we all do.