What’s this in my Underwear?!

So periods and menstrual cycles have been around for thousands of years, right? Right. Despite this fact though, there’s still a lot of misinformation surrounding periods that a lot of us still believe (including myself). Many misconceptions surround the color of our period blood. Period blood color variations are normal, they range from light pink to brown, but what do these color variations mean?

When it’s Dark Brown like Coffee (minus the foam like a latte):


A lot of us start our cycles off with dark brown - almost black - blood. Think of this blood like the leftover Chinese food in your refrigerator. This color variation will make a quick appearance in your pants if your progesterone levels are low. Progesterone is the hormone that helps you shed your uterine lining every month, and if your body doesn't have enough of it, can have a hard time shedding your lining every month. Therefore some of the lining will stay put until your progesterone levels are up. You can keep your levels up by eating foods rich in vitamin B, like eggs.

A Diluted Pink Period is Better than A Dark One full of Clots:


That statement is true, but only when thinking about stains and the cost of tampons. While excessive clotting can be a sign of a health issue, diluted and very light periods aren’t that great either. It’s important to look at period blood color as a form of housekeeping for your body every month. Is everything working the way it should inside? Very pale periods can signal nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. For anyone who over exercises, have experienced significant weight loss, or engages in restrictive eating (Food is your friend! Let’s find a loving relationship with food?) this can be a sign of estrogen deficiency. Is the blood on your pad/tampon/period underwear, menstrual cup almost whitish? Visit your doctor for a blood test to check your red blood cell count, this can be a sign of anemia.

Flip Side: It’s Dark Blue or Purple:


It’s alarming because you probably never expected to see that color come out of you before, but don’t be alarmed. You just have a lot of estrogen in your system! Hand off the panic button though, this can be easily fixed with eating more fiber.