Less botox parties and more self love!

Written By: Gabi Torres

The other day, while driving back home, I was shocked, and a bit grossed out when I saw a gigantic sign on the street inviting women to sign up for "Botox Party". I'm not against beauty procedures, but I certainly think it's a little wack to build a society based on looks. 

The day after seeing that sign, I went to a spa to get a facial. I was so in shock by the "botox party" that I asked my esthetician about those events. Long story short, she told me that it's just a little gals get together where you can get your fillers done for a cheaper price. She was also laughing at me - currently 28y/o - because she said she has seen girls in their 18s doing botox. 

Right away, my question was: How will these girls look when they are 30 year old? Are they even going to have facial expressions? will their lips explode before they're 25?... Anyhow, I'm probably over reacting about things I can't control. 

It is for realz ladies! Looking like wax dolls should not be a life goal. Let's begin by celebrating who we are, our heritage, and ethnicities. Our worth goes beyond looks. We need to cultivate beautiful souls, because at the end of the day that is what shines through! 

Stealing this master piece from @karlogomez right here: 

What do you see? I see a gorgeous natural woman embracing her uniqueness. Her long, braided hair, her free breasts without silicon, her thick lips without fillers... her whole warrior essence in one picture! 

Can we please remember that our "weirdness" is what makes us unique?. You don't have to fit in a mold, because you were custom made! You're beautiful. You're more than enough. You're worth it-  just for being you!


With love,